Our Story

We were simply born to do affiliate marketing for a living.

Adspilots was formed in 2016 as a means of providing advertisers with a cost-effective affiliate service whilst maximising publisher revenue through contact, advice and service.

Our Specialties

Smart Ad Server

Our Smart Adserver is able to optimize banners automatically in real time, taking into account geographical and user data. Our systems are capable of serving an impressive amount of user impressions per day.

Optimization Tool

Through several complex algorithms, our system finds the right pattern between audiences and niches, and redirects the right traffic to the right offer.

Machine-learning Solutions

Our advanced decision-making technology, based on machine-learning solutions, help us to target the right users and show them the right ads with a high rate of engagement and performance.

Business Intelligence Tool

In-depth analysis of data and stats is a very crucial task in digital advertising. For instance, we use Tableau as a BI tool to analyze and plot stats.

Fast Web Serving

We are well aware of the importance of ads and webpages loading time in advertising. Our in-house serving application uses Cloud-based serving, with a very high reliability and advanced failover mechanisms.

Exclusive Fraud Protection

Our Fraud Detection Platform is safer than Fort Knox. Our system detects fraudulent IPs and proxies, combined with fingerprinting users to avoid duplicate signups from cloakers.

The key to success: Do what you love every day

We love what we do and we aren't going to stop anytime soon. We have been doing this for a couple of years now and we are only getting bigger and better.

Career Opportunities

Our company is growing really fast.
We are not looking for new employees at the moment, but feel free to send us a unsolicited application on: info@adspilots.com.

Content Director
We Developer
SEO Specialist
Social Media Manager

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