Our team of industry experts creates branded, high-volume, online survey campaigns that are tailor-designed for your target audience.

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Our Company Values

We are a dedicated dynamic lead generating- and data-driven company. We provide the best consumers to our clients, as we take pride in generating- and verifying quality data. By using premium channels and utilizing our unique data-collection concepts, as well as stringent data-cleansing systems, we deliver the best possible data for you, so you can focus on creating effective, prosperous business relationships.

We are here for YOU

We help you extend your email lists and reach new customers.
Good email lists are important if your email marketing channel shall succeed. Therefore, make sure that only quality leads (e-mail addresses) sign up for your lists. We have helped many of our customers expand their email databases, so the different companies have email addresses for which they can send campaign mails and add to their various automated email series.
There are a multitude of ways in which you as a company can get more entries for your newsletter.

Here are some of the ways you can get more entries:

By using the data that has been carefully collected and stored from our consumer surveys, we are bringing you closer to your ideal customers. Any leads we generate are brought from opted-in online collection pages, verified and validated and delivered to you.

The experienced and dedicated team at AdsPilots targets the right consumerbase to suit your business, and to drive a large volume of leads. We are here to help you reach your target audience, recruit new leads and maximize your business potential. We can help you propel your business ahead of your competition, opening up new and effective channels between you and your customers.

Our team:

Our team of industry experts creates branded, high-volume, online survey campaigns that are tailor-designed for your target audience. By identifying the ideal consumers according to your needs, we generate quality leads, and reach new client-consumer relationships far beyond the scope of your current audience. Throughout these campaigns, we monitor responses constantly to ensure maximum compatibility between you and your potential customers. Your potential consumers access the surveys easily via mobile and desktop collection pages. By providing information on their general interests, lifestyle and product requirements, the participants can then be matched to the services and products that you offer. All information provided by participants (addresses, email and telephone credentials) is verified in our efficient data-cleansing system. Leads are then delivered to you, our client, via API directly into your CRM/Email Marketing system.